The Front Team

Vere aka thor

At the helm you’ll find Vere. After many years of running his own businesses in finance and holiday letting, Vere traded the corporate white-collar-and-tie in for a pair of boardshorts and bare feet. These days, the term “board meeting” has a whole new meaning for him. Vere has a ton of experience in management and customer service and has transferred these skills to MSR.

Marjolein, aka occy, aka super-occy

“This guy on the left once called me a Booking Lady, but in reality I’m the one running the show, and he’s just a pretty face.” Marjolein is our Customer Services manager and also doubles up as a surf guide. There’s good reason for this, she can whip up your booking, co-ordinate your trip travel logistics and smash out a few heavy back-hand snaps in the surf, Occy-style, all in one morning!


Surf Guides

The team that stirs the stoke

It is company policy of Mentawai Surf Retreat to always have a surf guide in the water with you. We want ensure your safety and maximum enjoyment of each break. Our surf guides are trained by MSR and are experienced with all the waves in the area. They know exactly where and when to put you to get best and most waves, and they will show you all the safety exits at each break.

Our surf guides come from all around the world and work with us regularly. They are all familiar with the way we run our business, host our guests and our surf etiquette in the water. Our regular surf guides are Occy, Tom, Jeff, James, George, Justin, Luke, Matt.


Kitchen Crew

Our kitchen crew are all locally sourced Mentawai staff, trained by the best chef in the region, who also works at the resort on the occasions. Coming from local villages on the different islands, our staff bring with them their traditional cooking skills and have easily adapted their recipes to the Western palette showcasing a variety of meals on offer on our daily menu. Any dietary requirements such as gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan, can be provided for our guests.

untitled shoot-7286.jpg

Rika, Desta, Heni, Ninxi


Grounds Crew

Also sourced from local Mentawai villages are all our grounds crew. They’re a jovial bunch, keeping on top of garden and property maintenance daily. When you meet them in the water they will be calling you into the waves as if you’re part of the local crew.

Soro, Jakup, Tupang, Roger-The-Work-Dodger


Boat Crew


We only employ the most experienced boat crew. Our guys will ensure your safety at all times as they have extensive knowledge of the local reefs, and constantly changing conditions in the area. They will get you to the best surf spots available on the day, in the quickest and safest manner.

Peter, An and Jakup