is there a swimming pool?

Of course not! There’s a big ocean just out front 👍 We have one of the most beautiful beaches right in front of our resort.

Do you take body boarders?

Officially no, but unofficially we can make exceptions…

Do you take SUPs?

Officially no…but if you have good SUP manners and abide by good surf etiquette, then sure, good ahead and join us

Can surf board dings be repaired on the island?

Yes, We have two very experienced Ding Doctors that we can call on.

Do you offer Yoga classes?

Yes. When available, yoga sessions are included in your trip.

Can i bring my girlfriend?

Well sure you can…if you want to surf once a day, do nice jungle walks, read romantic love novels, lie around and tan on the beach while your buddies are getting shacked at Bank Vaults, then sure, bring her along. Seriously though, if your girl is totally into chillaxin’ and relaxing, she’ll love it. Nice beaches, yoga (when available), jungle walks, snorkeling, reading time, tanning (at the resort and on the boat while watching you surf), romantic sunsets and so much more that will be scoring you brownie points on your surf trip (or romantic holiday).

Can i bring my boyfriend?

No. Straight up…the answer is no. If you even have to ask this question, then the answer is no. We don’t want any boys lying around tanning in G-strings….IT’S NOT THAT KIND OF RETREAT!!!

Is there malaria on the island?

There has not been a single case of malaria reported from any of our guests, or guests from other resorts while staying in this region of Mentawai

Do you cater for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, we can meet these dietary requirements, just let us know when you book in with us.

Do you cater for gluten-free dietary requirements?

Yes we do, just let us know when you book

Do you have wifi?

Yes we do, but the flat-white might take a while…